11/12/2017 13:09 SAST | Updated 11/12/2017 13:10 SAST

Emergency Apps And Numbers You Need To Know This Festive Season

Don't become another statistic.

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South Africa's roads are some of the most dangerous in the world during the festive season. Over the 2016/17 festive season, 1,714 people fatalities were recorded, an increase of 5 percent from the same previous period.

If you witness an accident or get into one and can still make a call or two, here are key emergency apps and numbers to know:

1. MySOS: An emergency app with access to the closest and most appropriate emergency services in the country. It also has a tracking system.

2. Automobile Association (AA) Rescue Service app: It is free with a "Rescue Me" button that alerts the AA to your whereabouts.

3. Crash Detect: The app's use of movement sensors are able to detect any unusual impact that you might be involved in. In the case of an accident, a signal will be sent directly to a response centre. A vehicle will be dispatched. Notably, the sensors can differentiate an accident from you dropping your device by accident.

4. All emergency services: 112 from a cellphone and your call will be redirected to the required emergency services.

5. Police service: 10111

6. Ambulance service or fire brigade: 10177

7. Emergency response care, Netcare: 082 911

8. Medical emergency company ER24: 084 124

9. Report bad drivers on Arrive Alive: 0861 400 800

The department of transport has urged drivers to do their part by obeying the rules of the road. Don't drive unroadworthy vehicles, drink and drive or speed.

In just the first week of December 2017, more than 160 drivers were arrested for drunken driving, five for excessive speeding and 126 vehicles were found to have defects which make them unfit for the roads.