13/12/2017 12:14 SAST | Updated 13/12/2017 12:14 SAST

Hey, Relaxing At These Jozi Shisanyama Spots Would Do...

HuffPost scouted out the Shisanyamas that are a go-to for relaxing vibes and great food after a long day.

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With visitors arriving in the City of Gold for the festive season and the ANC's five-day conference imminent at Nasrec Expo Centre, outdoor summer fun and delicious meat will be high priorities for many.


The ANC conference is likely to be a strenuous and exhausting five days for delegates, and the proverb tells us that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. We can't have dull Jacks deciding the future of the nation, so the conference attendees will need somewhere to unwind after a busy day.

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Grabbing a beer or two over a braai with comrades –– or family and friends, if you're just enjoying a Jozi holiday –– is a great way to enjoy downtime.

HuffPost has put together a list of five Shisanyama spots in Joburg that have just the vibe and the food to do the trick, should you be in the neighbourhood and looking for refreshment after a long day. Enjoy!

1. Kwa Lichaba Chesa Nyama Lounge

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Lichaba is located on the edge of the famous Vilakazi Street. They offer an authentic Shisanyama experience that allows patrons to chill and relax. What more could you ask for?

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2. Imbizo Shisanyama

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Known as "Busy Corner", Imbizo has been running for the past 20 years. It's one of South Africa's most acclaimed braai spots, serving genuine African cuisine.

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3. Chaf Pozi

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Take a drive to this colourful Shisanyama situated at the foot of Soweto's iconic Orlando cooling towers. After a 100m bungee jump next door, wash down the adventure with beer and roast meat –– that's a good day out.

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You can select your choice of meat and spices, and watch the fun going on at the towers as your meat is being flamed.

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4. Restuarant Vilakazi

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Also located in Vilakazi Street, Soweto, Restuarant Vilakazi can also offer delegates and tourists a wine-and-dine experience in a chilled environment, offering a variety of dishes.


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While you eat and drink, you'll be entertained with soulful music in the stylish setting.

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5. Meat Lounge

For those seeking shisanyama in the north, this lounge is located in Sunninghill. Enjoy live DJs, open-flame cooking and VIP treatment while spoiling your tastebuds on spicy, juicy A-grade beef, chicken and lamb.

These are just some of the shisanyama options available –– be sure to explore your neighbourhood for great summer braai hangouts, and share them with HuffPost on social media.