12/12/2017 14:26 SAST | Updated 12/12/2017 14:26 SAST

WATCH: Go Inside Ponte Tower With The Architect Who Designed It

We speak to the man behind Johannesburg's notorious symbol of the city's rise, fall and resurrection.

AFP/Getty Images
Ponte, the tallest apartment block in Africa, has long symbolised Johannesburg's inner-city decay.

Johannesburg's Ponte Tower is an icon of the city's skyline and a pop-culture symbol of the city's rise, fall, and resurrection.

The 54-storey concrete tower has also become a landmark example of the international brutalist movement -- an architectural style gaining renewed appreciation currently.

The tower, which remains the tallest residential building in the southern hemisphere, has been hailed by respected critics around the world for its use of concrete, its simple structure, and "brutal" (at-times near-inhuman) planning schemes.

But don't tell the building's architect that. He just calls it a "good honest building".

In fact, Ponte architect Rodney Grosskopff told HuffPost SA that Ponte isn't even his best building.

Speaking at the launch of 5101, a new events venue that recently opened on the building's 51st floor, Grosskopff said that the historic Market Theatre in Newtown is by far his best design.

Grosskopff also explained how the myths around Ponte's name are wildly exaggerated (there are those who think the name means a bridge between old and new, along with many other exaggerated translations).

And he doesn't actually mind when people say the building is "Rodney's big erection".

To find out about the design, history and extraordinary legacy of the building, watch our interview with Rodney Grosskopff below.