14/12/2017 12:40 SAST | Updated 14/12/2017 16:55 SAST

Nando's Does It Again With Spicy Ad – And People Love It

They know exactly how to keep a smile on you people, don't they?


While you're in a holiday mood, Nando's has decided to spice things up with its latest advert. The new ad, released on Monday, is entitled "We Can Fix Our Sh#*t" .

The advert portrays South Africans as able to do anything, never giving up on our potential to sort things out.

The 60-second ad takes a tongue-in-cheek look at some noted scandals in recent history, while the narrator lauds various abilities South Africans supposedly have –– from, "Changing finance ministers faster than we can get new eyebrows," to, "We can lose our money... and get some of it back!" spoken over the obvious image of Nkandla and #PayBackTheMoney.

The advert seems to be getting an overwhelmingly positive reception online –– here are some of the reactions: