14/12/2017 13:47 SAST | Updated 14/12/2017 13:47 SAST

Robert Mugabe Reportedly Visited A Singapore Hospital

The ousted Zimbabwean leader was apparently in for medical checks.

Rogan Ward / Reuters

Robert Mugabe visited a hospital in Singapore this week, apparently for medical checks, sources in Singapore said on Thursday. It was the Zimbabwean former president's first trip outside the country since he was ousted from office last month.

The 93-year-old, who ruled South Africa's northern neighbour for 37 years, resigned after the army and his ruling Zanu-PF party turned against him, when it became clear that his 52-year-old wife, Grace, was being groomed as his successor.

Mugabe left Harare with his wife and aides on Monday evening, a Zimbabwe state security official said this week. He was also expected to visit Malaysia, where his daughter is expecting a child.

An Air Zimbabwe flight arrived in Singapore on Tuesday.

Mugabe visited a private hospital in central Singapore on Wednesday with an entourage that included his security guards, sources who witnessed the visit told Reuters.

They spoke on the condition that they were not identified, as they are not authorised to speak to the media.

A spokesperson at the hospital said he would not be able to confirm whether Mugabe had visited its clinics.

While president, Mugabe developed a reputation for extensive international travel, including regular medical trips to Singapore –– a source of public anger among his impoverished citizens.