15/12/2017 13:51 SAST | Updated 15/12/2017 14:38 SAST

You Want To Drink Less? Try A Smaller Wine Glass

Wine glasses keep on getting bigger and bigger.

AlexPro9500 via Getty Images

A new study from the UK has found that wine glass sizes have ballooned in size over the past three centuries -- and along with size, wine consumption too.

Between 1960 and 1980, wine intake quadrupled while it doubled between 1980 and 2004.

But does a larger size cause you to drink more?

A larger cup or glass increases the amount of beverage poured and, in turn, the amount drunk.

Larger wine glasses can also increase the pleasure from drinking wine, which may in turn increase the desire to drink even more.

Bigger wine glasses may come from the people running bars and restaurants, as well as their customers. "If wine sales increased when it was sold in larger glasses, this may have incentivised vendors to use them more," the study notes.

Although researchers noted that the study does not prove cause and effect, some evidence of a link between wine glass and drinking suggests that reducing the size of wine glasses in licensed premises and in our homes could reduce consumption, the study suggested.