18/12/2017 09:12 SAST | Updated 18/12/2017 09:12 SAST

IN TWEETS: Date My Family -- Case Of The Ex

"Yena aya kwini?"


One bachelorette got a huge surprise when she rocked up to dinner to try to find love, and her potential bae's ex was there too.

Through Mzansi Magic's Date My Family, singletons hope to find love by going on a date with the potential partner's family. This may include "family we choose for ourselves", aka friends. Except on Sunday night's episode, the ex -- who identified herself as a "friend" that the bachelorette would "not need to worry about" -- was also there.

As to what she was doing there, tweeps continue to wonder.

And as if that was not enough, the tears were a bigger shocker when the bachelorette asked why they broke up. Extra much? Twitter agrees.

The thing is, potential bae did not seem to see anything wrong with his ex being there. He was laughing, half-smiling throughout the date.

Neither did the ex -- considering her post-show social media interaction:

Needless too say, the bachelorette did not go back to the family with the ex-girlfriend.