19/12/2017 07:17 SAST | Updated 19/12/2017 07:17 SAST

Justice For Grace After Mugabe Dies?

A priest who brokered Mugabe's exit speculates that Grace will be prosecuted after he dies.

Philimon Bulawayo / Reuters
President Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace Mugabe attend a rally of his ruling ZANU-PF party in Harare, Zimbabwe, November 8, 2017.

Grace Mugabe will face justice for her alleged crimes, but Zimbabweans will have to wait for Robert Mugabe to die before it happens.

News24 reported that the prediction was made by a Catholic priest who brokered the deal that saw Mugabe resign as president last month, Father Fidelis Mukonori.

In an interview with America magazine, Mukonori was asked what would happen to Grace once Mugabe died.

"I am sure that people will do justice to her," he reportedly said.

Meanwhile, Mugabe has reportedly had his travel and security expenses drastically cut back. But he has been allowed to hang on to the presidential limo and a wing in State House, News24 reported.

Grace has kept six bodyguards. The couple reportedly went to Singapore last month where it is believed Mugabe is receiving medical treatment. Their entourage was drastically reduced.

A government source reportedly said, "Mugabe had to compromise by allowing a smaller contingent as well as a smaller security team so that Grace could be allowed to travel with a six-member security team for herself. In the past, he would have taken over 80 people.

It is believed that the Mugabes were granted amnesty from prosecution as part of their exit deal with the military following the November coup, but there have been calls for them to face prosecution.

According to Eyewitness News (EWN), many Zimbabweans seem to be more forgiving towards Robert Mugabe than his wife.

"Grace Mugabe must be taken to court and account for the crimes that she has committed in this country. Number two, Grace Mugabe, as soon as we sign the Rome Statute, it means Grace should go there," said Ostellos Sibiza of the Tajamuka social justice movement.

The Mugabes appear to have no plans to flee Zimbabwe. The former president reportedly told negotiators during the exit talks that he had no plans to live in exile.