20/12/2017 13:51 SAST | Updated 21/12/2017 11:31 SAST

White Afrikaans Tannie's Open Letter To Ramaphosa Goes Viral

'When a white, Afrikaans tannie from Pretoria is relieved that you are the winner, it says a lot about the state of affairs in this country...'

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Cyril Ramaphosa, elected the new president of the African National Congress on Monday, has received showers of praise from the ANC and the people of South Africa –– but he probably did not expect an open letter from a self-described "white Afrikaans tannie" so soon in his term.

When a white, Afrikaans tannie from the suburbs of Pretoria is happy and relieved that you are the winner of this race, it says a lot about the state of affairs in this country.Sophia Kapp

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In an open letter on Facebook, Sophia Kapp congratulated Ramaphosa on his election, assuring him she was sincere in her belief that he was the better candidate. The letter has since gone viral on social media.

In it, Kapp reminds Ramaphosa that his election as president of the ANC could make him president of the country by 2019.

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She then lists a seven-point guideline Ramaphosa should follow if he is to govern the country successfully, which include:

  • No selling us out to the Guptas and their ilk.

"You are the leader of a democracy, not the CEO of a corrupt sweatshop."


  • No appointing your lovers to Cabinet.

"We want people who can actually do the jobs they're paid to do."

• No homestead. You have a home.

"Actually, as prez, you'll have several, which we already maintain. That's enough. You want another house, build it with your own money, not ours."

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  • No colluding with anybody who serve their own interests above ours.

"We want electricity. No, we don't want to make Russians rich."

  • Watch Ace. Tell him to give back those cars.


  • You may be taking over a messy government, but you're going to be the president of some mighty fine people.

"You will be the president of all of us. We work our butts off to make a living. That is worthy of your respect. Govern accordingly."

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Here is Kapp's full open letter: