27/12/2017 10:46 SAST | Updated 27/12/2017 10:46 SAST

Sketchy Holiday Photos That May Dent Your Image Of Christmas

These are bizarre!

It's Christmas time! Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the holidays and check out this collection of special bizarre holiday photos.

  • He's coming down the chimney!
    Library of Congress
    This one from the Library of Congress is just plain weird.
  • North Pole escapee?
    Kimberly Kandros
  • We'd be crying, too!
    William Vanderson via Getty Images
    Jennifer Martin, age 2, was in tears during a visit with Santa at Harrods department store in London on Dec. 10, 1949.
  • We're speechless!
  • Creepy old Saint Nicholas
    Kirn Vintage Stock via Getty Images
    St. Nick visits with two German brothers in the 1940s.
  • Department store Santas are the Best!
    Gary Moore
  • Santa serial killer?
    Alison Wild
  • Creepy Glasgow Barra's Santa
    Joe Prentice
    Joe Prentice sent HuffPost this personal shot that was taken some 50 years ago.
  • The stuff of nightmares!
  • That's a fake smile!
    Suzanna Banana
  • Shhh... she's sleeping.
    Library Of Congress
    Another creepy Santa from the Library of Congress archives.
  • Creepy Pennsylvania Santa
    Keith Stump
  • He's got a twinkle in his eye!
  • Can't have Christmas without Krampus!
    Corbis via Getty Images
    Krampus accompanies Santa Claus on his Christmas. However, instead of toys, he brings lumps of coal and twigs for evil children.
  • Do you wanna play a game?
  • Attack of the 50-foot Santa!
    Sivaram V / Reuters
    A bizarre Santa Claus statue seen on a beach in the southern Indian city of Kochi in December 2012.
  • Peekaboo, I see you!
  • Sucker swiper
    Delaine Derry Green
    HuffPost reader Delaine Derry Green from Birmingham, Alabama, does not look too impressed with Santa in this photo from the 1970s.
  • Santa sausage, Anyone?
  • Creepy Nick-Nack
    Willrow_Hood via Getty Images
    A vintage Santa Claus decoration ... we think.
  • Does this Santa make you wanna buy a tree?
  • He knows when you're awake ...
  • Dead-eyed Santa
    Kate Pote
    "This guy is totally creepy," Kate Pote said of her childhood photo with Santa.
  • We love her mom!
  • Creepy...
    At least the kid is not crying!
  • Zombie Santa?
  • Grumpy Santa
    Jessica Ziparo
    Jessica Ziparo sent in this photo of her son Zane.

    "Santa had never held a child before ... note the hands and frown," she said.
  • Santa?!?
  • She's not feelin' it
  • Wonder if anyone dared to cross?
  • Hide-and-seek
  • Grinch!
    David Lohr
    HuffPost's own David Lohr as the Grinch in this Santa shot makes for an especially creepy photo.
  • Let me outta here!
    Leigh Hansbarger
    Leigh Hansbarger's daughter, Molly, was 1 year old when this photo was snapped 6 years ago.

    The Santa doesn't look too creepy to us, but Molly sure finds him scary!
  • Merry Christmas!

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