27/12/2017 10:31 SAST | Updated 27/12/2017 10:31 SAST

Some Of The Hottest Trends To Hit 2017 – And What Would Be Even Cooler In 2018

We look back at some of the trends in fashion and lifestyle that started taking off this year.


2017 has definitely been more LIT (is that still a thing?) than previous years. There is still 'DOLOLO' chill to be found on 'Satafrikan' social media. As some move from #FillUpFNBStadium to #FillUpTheGlass this festive season, we wind down and look back on the hottest fashion and lifestyle trends this year – and look forward to the coolest ones that could hit 2018.

1. The Rise Of Live, Thick, And Proud

What was so hot about this in 2017?

"In 2017 we saw the rise of social media customer service complaints and compliments and brands employing community managers and social media teams to handle the platforms in the quickest possible time, with the least possible backlash.

We also saw the rise in the use of (even) shorter video content and the introduction of the "Live'" feature on Facebook and Twitter, for marketing and brand awareness (and the impact of that on traditional ATL marketing). Who's watching TV ads anymore, anyway?" said Kekeletso Mabizela, a Content and Social Media Manager at BlueMagnet.

What would be even cooler in 2018?

We would love to see the rise of social media as a platform for socio-economic advocacy and social justice continue. Adds Kekeletso: "The Black aesthetic and body-positivity narrative featured on newsfeeds in a big way. From brands creating clothing or swimwear or makeup and skincare ranges that catered to that market. The gap was always there, several businesses grabbed the hanging fruit and consumers with the financial capability and aspiration were ready and willing to support." We say, 'Aluta continua!'

2. The Rise Of Afro-Individuality

What was so hot about this in 2017?

"Individuality is becoming a key characteristic that more and more people are leaning towards. South Africans and Africans, in general, are realising that it's okay to be different and they're making the most of their unique features, bodies, aesthetic and personalities.

It's so easy to get carried away with competitors and trying to follow trends. When you don't stick to what makes your brand unique you're inclined to forget the essence that made you special, to begin with," says Kwena Baloyi, a Culture curator, and Style Therapist.

Kwena Baloyi

What would be even cooler in 2018?

Adds Kwena: "Anything that does not fit your body right or accentuates it should be left behind in 2017. It's very important for people to always wear what makes them feel fabulous and adds to their confidence.

I'm hoping to see more and more Afrikanism (heritage prints, hues, and textures) become popular because we look to the West way too much for inspiration and direction in terms of how we dress. I'm definitely going to keep it rooted in Africa and keep my aesthetic as authentic as possible."

3. The Rise Of Teetotalism

What was so hot about this in 2017?

"We've seen a trend internationally of what is now called 'Generation Z' rejecting alcoholic beverages in favour of clean living alternatives. Instead of hanging out at bars or night clubs, Generation Z can be found attending juice crawls and silent discos – or even staying in and playing marathon board-game sessions with friends at home. In many ways, Generation Z is pushing back at the generations who have come before them by rebelling against rebellion.

The research company, Mintel backs up these findings through its recent research into no and low-alcohol beers, showing that the vast majority of young people do not see or experience any stigma or negative peer pressure with regards to drinking no, or low alcohol, beverages when out with friends. Alcohol is simply not as important to social lives as it was in the past," says Bronwyn Williams, a Trends Analyst/ Translator.

Trevor Stuurman

What would be even cooler in 2018?

This teetotaler trend hasn't been a hit amongst the youth in South Africa as it has been in Europe and the UK. Brownyn, however, mentions how SA is a fast follower of Western and Middle Eastern trends. This is why we're seeing the emergence of the conscious, religious Muslim consumer in SA.

Adds Bronwyn: "We're likely to see more young people opting to enjoy the positive, happy-feeling effects of alcohol – without the hangover, unnecessary calories, liver damage and related health risks.

One in every three beers launched in Africa and the Middle East in 2016 were no or low alcohol, a 22% increase from 2015. In SA there's definitely a rise in the conscious consumer that is looking for alcohol alternatives."

We've seen alcohol brands come out with low/no alcohol variants to encourage moderate drinking, such as Flying Fish's Chill and Castle's Castle-Free in the beer category. As well as The Duchess in the spirits category. We've also seen alcohol-free wine taking off in SA. Stay tuned to this trend... we'll be seeing it popping in years to come.

If a light, low-calorie, low-sugar and low-carb type of drink is your thing, then you'd love Flying Fish CHILL. Visit https://www.facebook.com/FlyingFishSA/.