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3 Ways To Revive Intimacy In Your Relationship

After all, it won't revive itself...

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As we celebrate the new year, a number of people have resolved to change some things, accomplish a few goals or find ways to improve their lives.

Some might have made more intimate new year's resolutions -- owing to a less-than-desirable state of intimacy with their partners.

HuffPost spoke to local intimacy and relationship coach, Tracy Jacobs, who strongly believes intimacy can always be revived.

To begin with, why not try exploring intimacy outside of sex? "Couples can revive their spark by looking at other forms of intimacy," Jacobs says.

Here are her top three:

1. Physical Intimacy

Physical intimacy does not always have to mean sex. Couples can enhance the closeness in their relationship by exploring physical activities that are common to both parties, or that the couple enjoys together.

This may involve joining the gym together, doing yoga together, going on hikes or walking the dogs a couple of mornings a week.

Jacobs is of the opinion that a closeness from mutually enjoyed activities can have a ripple effect on other forms of intimacy, including sex.

2. Spiritual intimacy

Couples can also bond through spiritual activities they share, to reawaken their intimacy.

This might come in the form of meditation retreats, yoga retreats, or going to church or synagogue together, says Jacobs. A spiritual closeness can add to the depth of the relationship and bring a couple even closer together physically.

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3. Sexual intimacy

"This may involve sensual massages, eye-gazing, body-tapestry and other skills and techniques that encourage closeness and more connection," said Jacobs.

With sensual massages for example, the idea is that you are giving pleasure to your partner through touching. It may help couples improve sexual performance by overcoming fears around the physical aspect of intimacy –– that is, touching and feeling pleasure.

Jacobs notes, however, that couples may have deeper issues that these tips can't address. These issues may require professional help in the form of intimacy and relationship coaches, sexologists or even psychologists.

"There is no shame in seeking this help," she says.