09/01/2018 12:49 SAST | Updated 09/01/2018 12:50 SAST

The Teen With The Longest Hair In The World

A record 10 years in the making.


A young woman from Argentina now holds the Guinness World Record for having the longest hair on a teenager.

17-year-old Abril Lorenzatti's hair measures 1.52 metres and almost reaches her ankles.

Lorenzatti has not cut her hair for 10 years.

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To keep her hair in great shape, she washes and conditions it every day and leaves it to air dry. Her mom helps her brush it.

Although it might seem like a lot of work, she told NAME NAME that she is used to it –– and only runs into problems when it's a very windy day, or if she accidentally treads on the ends.

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"It is very exciting, because I did not think until recently that my hair could be considered for such an important recognition," she told Guinness World Records.

"This experience has left me with a beautiful memory and the satisfaction of being part of Guinness World Records. I am extremely grateful for this great honour."

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