10/01/2018 13:39 SAST | Updated 10/01/2018 14:28 SAST

These Pictures Of Khanyi Mbau And Teboho In Happier Times Will Make You Wish Their Break-Up Was A Prank

Khanyi announced their break-up on Instagram (where else?); but these snaps make us wish it hadn't happened... 💔 💔 💔

Khanyi Mbau and Teboho Lerole.
Khanyi Mbau and Teboho Lerole.

Khanyi Mbau on Tuesday took to Instagram to announce her break-up from Teboho Lerole after years of romance.

Mbau said she had made peace with the break-up and was accepting "defeat".

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Mbau's post read: "When love is not enough? what does that even mean? Today... I made peace with a battle that I have lost, I have accepted defeat.

"My greatest fear and my greatest loss... letting go of the man I gave my heart to @edwardbillion it has taken so much from me in convincing my self that I am okay? Today I chose to face my fears and accept my truth. Today I let go of my greatest pain, love is pain.

"For a while now I have been so insecure, so bitter and lonely, as the wise would say everything has its season. The hell what does that even mean? 😔My Summer has gone. My first of ever experience of being in love and being fearless but the very same love has made so small and so sore inside. I have lost me.

"Today I let go of my future plans, the man I saw as the father of my kids and my future husband. My best friend. 😭 I am afraid, I am so afraid but I am going to learn how to love me genuinely first before I try and love again. Lord give me strength🙏."

Reacting to the post, people encouraged Mbau to trust the process of healing and assured her she'd get better with time.

We came to know and love the former couple for their adorable PDAs. These pictures will make you wish the break-up was some kind of joke: