15/01/2018 10:00 SAST | Updated 15/01/2018 12:00 SAST

Graphic Eyelids: Makeup Inspo That Will Make You Forget Black Eyeliner

After this, you're going to care less about mastering a cat-eye.

Everyone has a routine. How they wake up in the morning. When they usually have their coffee. If they put their “outfit of the day” on before their makeup or vice versa. And sometimes, we can fall into a rut with our beauty routine. 

Putting your face on regularly can become monotonous. The same feline flick, the same bronzer, reaching for the same colour lip balm every day. 

It’s time for a fresh start, which starts with how you’re using what’s in your makeup bag. 

Here is some inspiration to make it look like your lids are dancing - a way to get you dancing. Even if the weekend seems far away. 

Silver Eyeliner Is In Town 

Why has black eyeliner been so enduringly popular when we’ve had silver all along. On behalf of all makeup lovers out there, I have to say we have been missing out. 

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Green Eyeshadow And Little Else

To highlight a brow bone, an easy look for a lid or even to match a dusty matte pink mouth. Green eyeshadow everyone! Go grab one! 

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Singles’ Hour

Who said you needed a whole palette? You can create drama with just one colour for your crease and it’s as easy as following the shape of your eye.

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Starry Night (And Day)

Key makeup tip: Don’t save your more dramatic choices for special occasions. Stars and silver glitter are not just for your birthday, weddings and New Year’s Eve.  

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For The Minimalist

Dedicated to those who want a graphic eye that speaks for itself. 

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Eyeshadow Or Blush? 

This makeup look may seem to be high fashion, however for a high impact look not being able to see where your eye makeup starts and your blusher ends will certainly capture attention.

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Header image by MATA LABS.