16/01/2018 15:51 SAST | Updated 16/01/2018 15:51 SAST

New Production Company Honours Late Simba Mhere's Memory

TV presenter Jonathan Boynton-Lee's Half Man Half Amazing Productions aims to develop local talent in honour of his late friend and colleague.


TV presenter Jonathan Boynton-Lee has launched a production company in honour of Simba Mhere, his late friend and "Top Billing" colleague, saying he wants to continue Simba's legacy.

On Monday, Boynton-Lee announced on Instagram that he'd registered a company named Half Man Half Amazing Productions -- a catchline Simba often used to refer to himself.

Speaking to TshisaLive, Boynton-Lee said he wants to make Mhere proud.

He told the publication that he and Mhere started thinking about concepts for TV shows and films to develop local talent about two weeks before Mhere's death.

He was killed in a car accident while travelling with his friend, Kady-Shay O'Bryan, to catch a plane to the J&B Met (now the Sun Met).

Boynton-Lee said the duo had about three or four shows in the works. He has now partnered with comic Siv Ngesi, and the company is working on its first film, which Boynton-Lee called "a game changer".

"It's X-rated. I literally go down on a girl on a pool table in the first scene. Then we've got another concept, where we allow people the chance to live out things on their bucket list. There's a great mix," Boynton-Lee told TshishaLive.