17/01/2018 00:22 SAST

25 Spot-On Galentine's Day Gifts For Your Long-Distance BFF

February 13th is upon us ya'll.

She’s the Abbi to your Ilana, the ovaries you put before brovaries, and your ride or die. Show your patriarchy-smashing BFF just how much she means to you this Galentine’s Day. 

In our book, there’s nothing better than ladies celebrating ladies ― except, perhaps, ladies celebrating ladies who also love books. That’s why we’ve pulled together some of our favorite finds for Galentine’s Day 2018. 

Check out our 25 gift ideas for anyone who’s down with putting uteruses before duderuses: 

  • 1 "Ovaries Before Brovaries" sweatshirt
    Etsy // TheBedHeadSociety
    Get it here
  • 2 Galentine's Day card
    Galentine's Day card
    Etsy // AviatePress
    Get it here
  • 3 Thelma and Louise BFF bracelets
    Thelma and Louise BFF bracelets
    Etsy // gabigabiheyshop
    Get them here
  • 4 Ann and Leslie coffee mug
    Ann and Leslie coffee mug
    Etsy // PeachyApricot
    Get it here
  • 5 Long distance BFF keychain
    Long distance BFF keychain
    Etsy // DreamWillowStudio
    Get it here
  • 6 Galetine's Day wine bottle labels
    Galetine's Day wine bottle labels
    Etsy // BigDotOfHappiness
    Get a set of 4 here
  • 7 "Sisterhood" enamel pin
    Etsy // GlitterPunkJewellery
    Get it here
  • 8 "Babe" glittering fringe banner
    Etsy // FunCult
    Get it here
  • 9 BFF waffle friendship keychain
    BFF waffle friendship keychain
    Etsy // fwirl
    Get it here
  • 10 "Ride Or Die" coffee mug
    Etsy // RoseGoldRebel
    Get it here
  • 11 Pinky swear BFF t-shirt
    Pinky swear BFF t-shirt
    Etsy // blackbirdsupply
    Get it here
  • 12 "Boss Bitch" bracelet
    Get it here
  • 13 "Grow Through What You Go Through" pin
    Etsy // FabulouslyFeminist
    Get it here
  • 14 Embroidered feminist cap
    Embroidered feminist cap
    Etsy // WildflowerandCompany
    Get it here
  • 15 "Treat Yo' Self" tote bag
    Etsy // TurtlesSoup
    Get it here
  • 16 Long-distance touch lamp
    Long-distance touch lamp
    Uncommon Goods
    Get it here
  • 17 Long distance BFF candle
    Long distance BFF candle
    Etsy // DefineDesignEtc
    Get it here
  • 18 Feminist venus symbol necklace
    Feminist venus symbol necklace
    Etsy // PinkZucchini
    Get it here
  • 19 "Woman Up" sweatshirt
    Etsy // 7Sages
    Get it here
  • 20 "Little Ruth Bader Ginsburg" pillow
    Get it here
  • 21 "Stay Sexy Don't Get Murdered" keychain
    Etsy // simplestamp
    Get it here
  • 22 "Friends, Waffles, Work" stamped cuff
    Etsy // simplestamp
    Get it here
  • 23 "Maybe Swearing Will Help" poster
    Etsy // PivotHandmade
    Get it here
  • 24 "Badass" hand-stamped cuff
    Etsy // simplestamp
    Get it here
  • 25 Custom ring dish
    Custom ring dish
    Etsy // ShabbyChicRetreat
    Get it here

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