17/01/2018 00:22 SAST | Updated 13/11/2018 18:30 SAST

25 Spot-On Galentine's Day Gifts For Your Long-Distance BFF

February 13th is upon us ya'll.

She’s the Abbi to your Ilana, the ovaries you put before brovaries, and your ride or die. Show your patriarchy-smashing BFF just how much she means to you this Galentine’s Day. 

In our book, there’s nothing better than ladies celebrating ladies ― except, perhaps, ladies celebrating ladies who also love books. That’s why we’ve pulled together some of our favorite finds for Galentine’s Day 2018. 


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Check out our 25 gift ideas for anyone who’s down with putting uteruses before duderuses: 

  • 1"Ovaries Before Brovaries" sweatshirt
    Etsy // TheBedHeadSociety
    Get it here
  • 2Galentine's Day card
    Galentine's Day card
    Etsy // AviatePress
    Get it here
  • 3Thelma and Louise BFF bracelets
    Thelma and Louise BFF bracelets
    Etsy // gabigabiheyshop
    Get them here
  • 4Ann and Leslie coffee mug
    Ann and Leslie coffee mug
    Etsy // PeachyApricot
    Get it here
  • 5Long distance BFF keychain
    Long distance BFF keychain
    Etsy // DreamWillowStudio
    Get it here
  • 6Galetine's Day wine bottle labels
    Galetine's Day wine bottle labels
    Etsy // BigDotOfHappiness
    Get a set of 4 here
  • 7"Sisterhood" enamel pin
    Etsy // GlitterPunkJewellery
    Get it here
  • 8"Babe" glittering fringe banner
    Etsy // FunCult
    Get it here
  • 9BFF waffle friendship keychain
    BFF waffle friendship keychain
    Etsy // fwirl
    Get it here
  • 10"Ride Or Die" coffee mug
    Etsy // RoseGoldRebel
    Get it here
  • 11Pinky swear BFF t-shirt
    Pinky swear BFF t-shirt
    Etsy // blackbirdsupply
    Get it here
  • 12"Boss Bitch" bracelet
    Get it here
  • 13"Grow Through What You Go Through" pin
    Etsy // FabulouslyFeminist
    Get it here
  • 14Embroidered feminist cap
    Embroidered feminist cap
    Etsy // WildflowerandCompany
    Get it here
  • 15"Treat Yo' Self" tote bag
    Etsy // TurtlesSoup
    Get it here
  • 16Long-distance touch lamp
    Long-distance touch lamp
    Uncommon Goods
    Get it here
  • 17Long distance BFF candle
    Long distance BFF candle
    Etsy // DefineDesignEtc
    Get it here
  • 18Feminist venus symbol necklace
    Feminist venus symbol necklace
    Etsy // PinkZucchini
    Get it here
  • 19"Woman Up" sweatshirt
    Etsy // 7Sages
    Get it here
  • 20"Little Ruth Bader Ginsburg" pillow
    Get it here
  • 21"Stay Sexy Don't Get Murdered" keychain
    Etsy // simplestamp
    Get it here
  • 22"Friends, Waffles, Work" stamped cuff
    Etsy // simplestamp
    Get it here
  • 23"Maybe Swearing Will Help" poster
    Etsy // PivotHandmade
    Get it here
  • 24"Badass" hand-stamped cuff
    Etsy // simplestamp
    Get it here
  • 25Custom ring dish
    Custom ring dish
    Etsy // ShabbyChicRetreat
    Get it here