24/01/2018 13:14 SAST | Updated 24/01/2018 13:15 SAST

Now Not Everyone Is Happy With Robbie Malinga's NEW Statue!

Will they ever be able to keep all of the late star's fans happy?

The redesigned statue on Robbie Malinga's tombstone.

The redesigned statue for the tombstone of renowned musician and producer Robbie Malinga was unveiled in front of his family and friends in Johannesburg's Westpark Cemetery on Tuesday afternoon.

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The statue had to be remade after members of the public pointed out that it did not resemble the late star.


Bataung Memorials took down the statue, vowing to erect a better one soon after.

Here's how the new one came out:

And the complete tombstone with the redesigned statue:

While many felt it was a better resemblance than the first one, others felt it still fell short:

Malinga was laid to rest on January 2, following his death on Christmas Day from pancreatic cancer.