26/01/2018 10:43 SAST | Updated 26/01/2018 10:43 SAST

WATCH: Siya Beyile Talks Frankly About That Model Scandal

A spat about unpaid fees taught the fashion star some hard lessons. He opens up about his mistakes, his depression, and his need to mentor.

Siya Beyile
Luke Bennet
Siya Beyile

Style maven, creative director and all-round artist Siya Beyile shot to media fame as the founder of men's fashion portal The Threaded Man.

Beyile's site fast became the home for style advice, pieces and collaborations by top brands, trends, grooming tips and events.

After acquiring full ownership of The Threaded Man, Beyile deemed 2017 The Threaded Year – one that saw his new team doing creative direction for events like the SAMAs and AFI Fashion Week, and advertorials for the likes of Nivea.

In 2017, the 23-year-old Eastern Cape-born fashionista featured on GQ Style's Spring/Summer issue, making him the youngest African personality to grace the cover of the respected men's magazine.

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"The Threaded Year came with high and lows" – Siya Beyile

Then, however, a hiccup: Beyile found himself enmeshed in a public dispute over non-payment of models he'd hired for a star-studded fashion-week production. Via social media, the group of disgruntled models called on him to rectify the problem. After a month's hiatus, we can show you Beyile's side of the story:

Depression while in the public eye

In a statement on social media, Beyile has also revealed that he suffers from depression. Since being diagnosed in high school, he has felt wary of sharing this aspect of his life.

"I was scared that brands would abandon me, or think that I am unstable," he says. However, he has found relief in sharing his struggles.

Watch as Beyile opens up about his depression, and how he works through it with his family:

In the year that lies ahead, he remains hopeful and passionate about fashion – and mentoring.

"Mistakes are life. I want to tell the truth," he says of his need to share the realities of starting a business with young people.

Beyile has since joined a new management team, and they're planning some exciting collaborations among his fashion, mentoring and radio ventures. But so far, they're keeping mum on the details.

Here's what Beyile will reveal about his plans for both his personal brand and The Threaded Man: