26/01/2018 08:33 SAST | Updated 26/01/2018 08:33 SAST

How To Be A Polygamist 101: Blame Bees, Dreams And Dead Bros

...and not just plain old desire.


Viewers of popular Mzansi Magic show "Uthando Nes'thembu" watched in confusion and disbelief on Thursday night as a polygamist-to-be explained the revelation that led him to take another wife.

Vukile -- cousin to Musa Mseleku, the polygamist whose life with his four wives the show is centred on -- was having a conversation with Mseleku's first wife, MaCele, about the matter.

MaCele had previously vowed not to attend Vukile's wedding to his second wife, as she felt Vukile had not handled the matter of the second wife suitably and sensitively.

This is how Vukile came to the decision to take a second wife. A third is in the works and possibly a fourth:

1. Dream

"I found out that my great-grandfather had two wives. One was the mother of our father and then the other was MaDlamini. MaDlamini didn't have children and felt neglected, then she asked why she wasn't given attention. So I thought I should take another wife who'll revive MaDlamini's home [second wife]."

2. Bees

"I was bathing in MaMbhele's bathroom, there was a swarm of bees that came in. Our ancestors appear in the form of bees. They just came in numbers..."

After a quarrel with his first wife, he continued: "The ancestors can't stay in a place with strife, so they went back to their origins. When I consulted I was told they're not coming back and so I need to build a home elsewhere for them. So when I'm done with MaJaca [second wife], I have to take a third wife."

3. Dead Brother

"My younger brother died without taking a wife. He might come back and ask me to take a wife for him but he hasn't."

Tweeps were as confused as they were entertained by this story.

Nowhere did Vukile imply that he desired to take a second wife or a third or possibly a fourth. "I'm not having my way, I'm being led. They [my ancestors] started the war and they will help me overcome it. That's the bottom line."