29/01/2018 07:15 SAST | Updated 29/01/2018 07:16 SAST

Elephants Stuck At Roadside After Truck Breaks Down

Four elephants were stranded along the roadside when the vehicle transporting them broke down.

Laszlo Balogh / Reuters

Talk about hitchhikers you really can't pick up: Four circus elephants were briefly stuck along an Oklahoma road in the U.S. waiting for a ride.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol says a truck carrying them to Iowa broke down on Wednesday.

Trooper Dwight Durant said on Thursday that the floor of the trailer carrying the pachyderms had started to give way and was dragging on the road, sparking grass fires along the way.

The elephants disembarked near Eufaula, about 190km east of Oklahoma City, after someone noticed the problem from another vehicle travelling behind the truck.

The elephants were transferred to another trailer and moved to a nearby veterinarian's property before another vehicle arrived to take them to Iowa.

Durant said the elephants belong to Carson & Barnes Circus, based in Hugo, Oklahoma.

- Associated Press