30/01/2018 15:10 SAST | Updated 30/01/2018 15:10 SAST

BREAKING: Day Zero Pushed Back By Four Days💧

"Small victories. Thank you to each and every Cape Town resident who is saving water."

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BREAKING: Democratic Alliance (DA) leader Mmusi Maimane has announced that Day Zero has been pushed back by four days – to April 16. With Cape Town's dam levels at 26.6 percent on January 26, it was originally scheduled for April 12, but dam levels had only declined to 26.3 percent by January 29.

According to News24, Maimane said: "This is crucial progress, and I offer my thanks and congratulations to all residents who have joined in this campaign to defeat Day Zero with such commitment. Their efforts have shown fruit. We have started to push back Day Zero, and we can defeat it altogether if we keep going."

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"Pushing back Day Zero by four days may not seem like a lot – but actually, it is a significant victory. It shows that residents are coming together and cutting water consumption," said Maimane.

Mike Hutchings / Reuters

"This is great progress, but to truly defeat Day Zero, we need to aim to cut consumption to 450-million litres [per] day," he said.