02/02/2018 14:51 SAST | Updated 02/02/2018 14:56 SAST

Top Salaries For SA Professionals In 2018

According to Michael Page's salary survey.

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South Africa's salary survey for 2018 has been published by specialist recruitment agency Michael Page.

It shows the different salaries that professionals working in various industries, both in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and multinational companies (MNCs), can expect to earn in 2018.

The agency believes general salaries will increase by five percent on average. However, professionals with highly sought-after skills can expect to see rises of between 12 and 15 percent.

Below are some the expected biggest earners in different fields. These are average amounts, on a per-annum basis.

Finance and accounting

Group regional chief financial officer (CFO) – R3-million to R4.75-million

Finance director – R2.25-million to R2.75-million

Chief audit officer – R2.12-million

Tax director – R2.2-million

Engineering and manufacturing

Manufacturing director – R1.5-million

Human resources

Vice-president of HR / chief HR officer – R2.9-million

HR director (generalist) – R1.8-million


General counsel (in-house) – R1.5-million


Vice-president of procurement – R2.1-million

Supply chain and logistics

Vice-president of supply chain – R2.4-million

Supply chain / logistics director – R2-million

Sales and marketing (business-to-business)

General manager – R2-million

Sales and marketing (consumer)

General manager – R1.8-million


Chief information officer (CIO)/ IT director/ head of IT – R1.6-million