05/02/2018 10:34 SAST | Updated 05/02/2018 12:26 SAST

WATCH: Face-Offs And Fights At Luthuli House Protests

Pro-Zuma and anti-Zuma protesters are having a go at one another in a conflict that is getting more and more heated.

Pontsho Mabena

Tensions were high on Monday as protesters descended on Luthuli House in Johannesburg.

The protests by supporters of President Jacob Zuma (#HandsOffZuma) and ANC members who want Zuma gone (#ZumaMustGo) are marked by frequent clashes between the factions.

Members of Black First Land First (BLF) were chased away by #ZumaMustGo supporters by around 11.30am, which seemingly restored some calm before BLF returned, ruffling feathers anew.

News24 reported at 12pm that ANC supporters had attacked BLF members with bricks and knobkieries.

Earlier, a member of the Black First Land First (BLF) camp seemingly provoked anti-Zuma protesters, who then attacked him, but he managed to get away.

There were more than a dozen anti-Zuma protesters singing and chanting by 10am on Monday morning.

Thabang Setona, an ANC branch secretary, said the anti-Zuma camp is tired of "unity", and that they were there to "defend" Luthuli House.

He claimed the headquarters were under attack by "the nyaope boys", and said his group was there to protect the leadership-elect of the ANC under Cyril Ramaphosa.

Police were stationed a short way from the small group of protesters.

The protests coincide with growing pressure on the president to resign.

Reports at the weekend said that the ANC leadership had met with Zuma to ask him to step down, but no official word had emerged by Monday morning on the outcome of those discussions.

This is a developing story.