07/02/2018 12:56 SAST | Updated 08/02/2018 07:48 SAST

Single No More, Bixby Is My Girl

Don't buy her roses, buy her data.

As Valentine's Day creeps closer, if you're asking yourself why you have no one to spend time, then Bixby is the perfect date for you.

Bixby is a personal assistant in your pocket. Samsung boasts that "Bixby makes your phone helpful" by "telling you what you're looking at, learning your routine and remembering what you need to do".

Which is exactly what it does – the application makes your phone more interactive – if you're one of those people who dislikes having to browse the phone to set the alarm, Bixby is there to help.

The more a user speaks to Bixby, the more it learns every time. And it gives you a score – something I found funny. It scores itself every time it gets an answer right, and there are different levels to it.

It literally feels like a child when you start off – then as you interact, it grows as the levels go up.


Touring Johannesburg – with all the different products on the streets – Bixby Vision came in handy. Bixby Vision gives "a deeper understanding of what you're looking at". It makes exploring fun, as you can take pictures and learn about the pictures you've taken as you go along.


The voice recognition is pretty powerful. Bixby voice sensors come with three settings, which make it better at picking up your voice. Whether you're soft-spoken or naturally loud, the system will pick you up.

One thing that was weird was that even if you are not paying attention to Bixby, it is constantly listening in – which can result in it just popping up to ask you to speak while you're in a meeting.


Bixby is truly the best personal assistant I could ask for. I'm impressed by the functionality – and by how the company is expanding it to connect to all other Samsung applications, to make it the best personal assistant since Tony Micelli showed Angela Bower "Who's The Boss".

Samsung has done well introducing Bixby – the new wave of technology needs a more interactive feel to it, and although this actually makes you not want to put your phone down, it gives you the urge to explore the world with a mind full of questions – and a platform ready to answer them all

This review was researched on a Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which has Bixby.