08/02/2018 09:04 SAST | Updated 08/02/2018 09:04 SAST

Tic Toc? This Zuma Drawing By Conrad Botes Is What's Up Right Now

We spoke to the artist about his latest drawing of South Africa's struggling leader.

Conrad Botes

South African artist Conrad Botes, one of the founders of the controversial "Bittercomix" series of graphic novels, published an Instagram comic of President Jacob Zuma on Wednesday morning, and it's quickly going viral.

We spoke to the artist, who has drawn the president extensively during his time in office.

"I try to work in my drawing books daily, and recently I made a series of drawings of Zuma. He's an interesting subject to draw, and I will keep visually engaging images I find of him in newspapers and magazines. I feel that making these drawings are a way to keep a record of his disastrous and destructive reign," Botes says.

"Like most South Africans, I've been following the news of the past few days closely, because the probability of him stepping down seems more real than ever before.

"Yesterday morning [Tuesday] I decided to make a drawing of Zuma looking at his watch and added the text to the image – I think the joke is rather obvious. I shared it on my Instagram account this morning because, after the latest news, the image seemed really relevant and somewhat funny right now."

Check out the drawing below, and tell us what you think.

Drawing for Jacob.

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