08/02/2018 13:29 SAST | Updated 08/02/2018 13:29 SAST

After That #UyangthandaNa Episode, We're All Worried About Lebo's Boyfriend

So cringeworthy yet so entertaining.

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The latest episode of dating reality show, "Uyangthanda Na?", was more awkward than it was entertaining -- thanks to Malebo and Lazarus.

Both hailing from the Polokwane area, the duo emerged out of the show as a couple.

And that's why it was awkward.

Lazarus, who was the Pursuer, said in his introduction that he's had feelings for Malebo but was always scared to let her know -- and preferred to rather tell her on national TV.

When Malebo arrived, she let presenter, Moshe Ndiki know that she was in fact, in a relationship but depending on who the suitor was, she would be willing to change her mind because her relationship was not going well.

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When asked the question, Uyangthanda Na? (Do you love me), Malebo said yes leaving many shook.

But she had plans to sort the "situation" out.

Many on social media could not help but feel sorry for her boyfriend whom she was planning to break things off with because, well, wouldn't you?

And there were those who just worried about themselves.

Some felt, however, that Malebo only played along to get rid of the cameras.