08/02/2018 12:48 SAST | Updated 08/02/2018 12:48 SAST

Top 10 Pet Names South Africans Give Their Cars

What do you like to whisper to your four-wheeled friend?

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The top pet name South Africans like to give their cars? Gugulami, AKA "My Precious".

This was revealed in a recent month-long poll by Autotrader, in which South African drivers indicated names they like to whisper to their four-wheeled friends.

"Some of the poll results are sweet, some are laugh-out-loud and others are a little wicked," said Angelique Lynch, Autotrader's marketing director.

With a nod to the actresses and cricket stars, here is the top 10 list of the most flavourful nicknames:

1. Gugulami, or My Precious

2. Passion Wagon

3. Sponono, AKA Sweetheart


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4. Thembalamahumusha, AKA Top Dog

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5. Priyanka Chopra

6. Love Machine

7. Victoria's Secret

8. Virat Kohli

9. Side Pocket

10. Dove

Pokolina, Red Devil and First Lady were some of the other names respondents gave, Lynch said.

"The least popular were Love Bug, Love Bucket and Humple."

"The poll shows us just how much South Africans have a love affair with their cars."