12/02/2018 13:18 SAST | Updated 20/02/2018 11:17 SAST

"You Are Doing So Well For A Girl" And Other Offensive Things Women Are Told

WATCH: “If women ruled the world, once a month there would be a war". Have you heard anything more insulting? Well, women hear it ALL the time.


Throughout their lives, women hear some disturbing and degrading things that men are most likely not to hear. It doesn't matter how successful women have been in their places of work. It doesn't matter even what they're wearing, they are still likely to be subjected to sexual harassment (and other forms of sexism) in public spaces.

In this video, we see women of different ages, demographics, ethnicity, and sexuality voicing out the type of unsavoury remarks they come across as part of their daily lives.

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