15/02/2018 05:09 SAST | Updated 15/02/2018 05:16 SAST

ANC: Zuma Leaves A Legacy Of Delivery In Many Areas

Jacob Zuma resigned as president of South Africa in a live address on Wednesday evening from the Union Buildings.

Jacob Zuma resigns as President of South Africa at the Union Buildings in Pretoria on February 14, 2018.
Jacob Zuma resigns as President of South Africa at the Union Buildings in Pretoria on February 14, 2018.

The ANC on Thursday night accepted President Jacob Zuma's resignation as head of state.

Speaking shortly after the resignation, deputy secretary general Jessie Duarte said Zuma's decision to resign was consistent with his organisation.

"This decision by President Zuma is consistent with what he had said earlier today that he has never and will never defy his organisation, the African National Congress."

Duarte said Zuma had reaffirmed his commitment to the principles, practices and character of the movement.

While the party accepted that Zuma was not perfect, it saluted and thanked him for his outstanding constitution.

While we acknowledge errors and mistakes that were committed, President Zuma leaves a legacy of delivery in many critical areas.

Duarte thanked Zuma for having served the country in his capacity in the last nine years.

"While we accept the resignation of President Zuma, we reiterate that our decision to impose a recall was taken only after exhaustive discussions on the impact such a recall would have on the country, the ANC and the functioning of government."

The party said the decision would bring about stability in South Africa.

"The ANC now expects all our deployed members of Parliament to cast their vote for the ANC president, Comrade Cyril Ramaphosa, as the candidate the ANC will nominate for President, when Parliament convenes to elect a president of the republic."

The party pleaded for unity.

The ANC also extended its condolences to his family and supporters, of Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) of Zimbabwe leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, after hearing the news that he had died.

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