14/02/2018 10:20 SAST | Updated 14/02/2018 10:21 SAST

The Worst Valentine's Day Gift? Sex Toys...

...Or so say South African men and women.

Konstantin Balezin via Getty Images

Sex toys are the worst gifts to give South African women on Valentine's Day.

This is according to a recent survey by online shopping website Picodi — which looked at local perceptions of the day among more than 5,600 people from 32 different countries, including South Africa — where 82 percent of respondents said they celebrate V-Day.

In case you were wondering, neither home appliances nor cash works as gift alternatives for women — 22 percent of female respondents thought those were terrible gift ideas.

Trying to impress men? More than a quarter of them (29 percent) said that a plush toy is not really what they're looking for on such an occasion. Sex toys or cosmetics – even ones that say "FOR MEN" on the bottle — also won't do the trick.

It turns out the most desirable gift for both parties is a restaurant date, with 58 percent of men and 49 percent of women saying that's their favourite way to celebrate the day.

Flowers came a close second for women, while a night out at a cinema also works for men.

How much money is being spent on Valentine's Day?

The survey suggests that on average, South Africans spend R744 on their gifts, with men spending on average 55 percent more than women.

However, we are not the biggest spenders in the world – we're only in 18th place among 32 countries on average spend. Lovers in Hong Kong, China and the U.S. splurge the most on Valentine's Day.