14/02/2018 15:57 SAST | Updated 14/02/2018 16:07 SAST

Zuma's Nine Jaw-Dropping Quotes From SABC Interview

He repeated on numerous occasions that he had asked the party what he had done wrong, a question that he said officials did not have an answer to.

Reuters TV / Reuters
President Jacob Zuma during an interview with the SABC in Pretoria on Thursday.

President Jacob Zuma claimed he feels like a victim who is being treated unfairly by his party, the ANC, after they took a decision to recall him.

In an exclusive interview with the SABC, Zuma said he would make an official statement on Thursday.

The head of state, however, said he does not agree with the ANC's decision to recall him. He said the decision was unfair. He repeated on numerous occasions that he had asked the party what he had done wrong, a question that he said officials did not have an answer to.

Here are nine of his most jaw-dropping claims:


"Why must I be persuaded to resign, have I done anything wrong? The officials couldn't provide what I had done, but it was basically put that there's a good mood in the country and it must be maintained... once that motivation is made it becomes more important to hear have I done something wrong, because that suggests if I'm not there, the situation might perhaps be different."


"There is a process of disciplinary actions from the structures that are set for this. I found it very, in a sense, unfair to me that this issue must be raised all the time. And it is just two months after the national conference."


"Some of the leaders, as they have been talking in the media, [said] that we don't need two centres of power. That is not a reason, because there are no two centres of power... I don't think they know exactly what they are talking about."


"If we say that period where one is finishing his five years is two centres of power, it is very immature politics."


"I was one of those who said we should not recall Mbeki, because we would create a bad precedent. Of course, I was defeated by the majority."


"I also indicated to [the ANC] that whilst we were in the conference I heard from the grapevine that Zuma must not give the state of the nation address. That in fact Zuma must be removed in this conference. This discussion to me is not an innocent discussion, because people have been talking about it."


"At no stage I ever said to the leadership your decision is not right. It's the first time I said your decision is not right... if you want to recall, then recall. Out there in the narrative it looks like Zuma is defying – I have not defied. I have disagreed with a decision taken."


"This is being done in a manner that I felt I'm being victimised here. I never defied – I disagreed with the decision, because my feeling is the decision is not right."


"You don't force people. You don't just come to say: 'Because I have authority, you must go'. We are being plunged in a crisis that I'm sure my comrades, my leaders will regret... You don't just apply your authority in a manner which will cause problems in the organisation."