15/02/2018 16:55 SAST | Updated 15/02/2018 16:55 SAST

If You Don't Pluck, Wax Or Shave, Forget My Love

Issa hairy situation...

ChesiireCat via Getty Images

The main reason why we pluck, wax or shave? Our partners!

Or so suggests a survey that looked at 2,000 people's grooming habits and their influence on dating and relationships. Eighty percent of them pointed to their significant others as the reason why they turn to that razor.

Friends, fashion, media and celebrities also have an influence, although to a much lesser extent.

Surprisingly, men also indicated porn as a grooming influence.

Areas deemed important for grooming:

1. The front groin area

This is the most groomed area, with 68 percent women and 32 percent men partaking in personal pubic preening. Most respondents said they use a manual razor once a month and started the habit in high school.

2. Underarms

Underarm grooming is particularly prominent for women, with 87 percent of women using a manual razor every few days. Only 13 percent of men groom their underarms.

3. Eyebrows

Seventy-seven percent of women partake and 23 percent of men. But instead of using a manual razor, eyebrows are the most waxed areas, though some people simply pluck. This is also a practice that begins in high school and continues into adulthood at least once a month.

While 65 percent said that a partner's grooming habits were not a deal breaker, a full 35 percent claimed unkempt conditions factored into their desire for their partner. In fact, of the grooming habits, the opposite ends of the spectrum were most divisive, with 70 percent saying that a natural look was a deal breaker and 30 percent saying a hairless look would completely crush their ardour.