15/02/2018 17:02 SAST | Updated 15/02/2018 17:02 SAST

Rich Mnisi Moves From Fashion To Furniture

The designer has unveiled an experimental couch, but audiences aren't sure how they feel about it.


Fashion designer Rich Mnisi has unveiled his first experiments with furniture at a new exhibition, and audiences can't agree whether they love or hate the creative's unusual design.

Mnisi's couch, called Nwa-Mulamula after his late great-grandmother, takes an organic form that winds in leather around itself — a shape that visitors have compared to the female form, among other more lewd suggestions.

""For me, the chaise, which takes the shape of Nwa-Mulamula's (The Guardian's) body in the form of a navy leather couch, represents her presence and long-lasting teachings, and the stool, in the shape of an eye with gold puddles, represents her tears, which were never in vain," explains Mnisi.

"Without her pain and her experiences, I wouldn't exist. I couldn't be the person I am today," he says.

The couch forms part of Southern Guild's extraordinary group exhibition at its gallery in Cape Town's Silo District, where it is shown alongside works by ceramic artists Zizipho Poswa and Madoda Fani, sculptors Daniella Mooney and Stanislaw Trzebinski, and newcomers such as 3D illustrator Ferdi B Dick.

But, online audiences couldn't agree whether they loved or hated the couch:

Some said the couch was marvellous.

But others weren't so sure.

The designer's latest fashion collection has won rave reviews, but what do you think of his unusual seat?