16/02/2018 07:47 SAST | Updated 16/02/2018 07:47 SAST

Malema: 'EFF Won't Disrupt Sona'

The party says it will give President Cyril Ramaphosa a chance to deliver his state of the nation address.

EFF leader Julius Malema (2R) talks to the press after staging a walk out during the election by the Members of Parliament of the new South African President on February 15, 2018 in Cape Town.

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) says it will not disrupt President Cyril Ramaphosa's first state of the nation address (Sona), Eyewitness News (EWN) reported.

"Our people are longing for a day where the state of the nation address will be delivered in a peaceful environment. We're giving Cyril that chance," the party reportedly said.

But the EFF's Julius Malema reportedly said the EFF would use Parliament to hold Ramaphosa to account for his role in the Marikana massacre.

"Zuma is gone, [but] they [the ANC] should know that we'll never retreat," he said.

On Thursday, Malema said the EFF should take credit for the resignation of former president Jacob Zuma.

"Jacob Zuma has finally surrendered to the political pressure which the EFF was at the centre of for past three years. The ultimate fall of Zuma is the direct result of the political and parliamentary work done by the EFF"," he said, according to the Mail & Guardian.

The EFF plans to support a motion brought by the DA to dissolve Parliament for early elections to take place.

"We are not going to legitimise another faction of the ANC in an illegitimate process. Cyril Ramaphosa doesn't qualify to be president. I think I qualify to be president, but let me go be cleaned by the masses through a vote," Malema said.

The EFF walked out of Parliament on Thursday before Ramaphosa's election, saying that Parliament was now illegitimate.