19/02/2018 10:52 SAST | Updated 20/02/2018 11:11 SAST

Drake Gave Away Nearly R11-million In 'God's Plan' Video

He described it as "the most important thing" he has done in his career.

Rapper Drake delivered one of the most jaw-dropping moments in music-video history, when he donated $916,631 (almost R11-million) to the people of Miami in his music video "God's Plan".

'The most important thing I have ever done in my career'– Drake

He described it as "the most important thing" he has done in his career – handing out cash to Miami residents featured in the video, which gained his charitable exploits global attention.

Here is a breakdown of the music video's giveaways.


Anything you want in the store is... free

Drake enters a grocery shop in the video and surprises everyone inside with the chance to fill their trollies for free.

University of Miami

In the video, Drake donated $100,000 (~R1.2-million) to various resources at the University of Miami, including $50,000 (~R600,000) in student scholarships, $10,000 (~R120,000) to the music department and another $40,000 (~R480,000) to other causes.


Drake was not done after giving away money yet – he also handed it out to ordinary people on the streets – some of whom were brought to tears at the stack of money they got from the modern-day Robin Hood.

Fire Department

The Miami Fire Department was also on the Canadian rapper's beneficiary list, scoring $20,000 (R240,000).


Drake visited a childcare centre in Miami – and instead of throwing more money around, gave every single kid a toy. Heart-melting!

Shopping spree

Selected women of Miami also got a $50,000 (R600,000) budget Drake for a buy-anything shopping spree!

Cars, vans and food

The rapper also gave away food to many Miamians, and donated vehicles to selected organisations.

He wanted to give back to the society he has done so well in, especially the ordinary people who contributed to his rise – seems it takes a village to raise a superstar.

His Miami exploits touched the hearts of many worldwide – check out the Twitter responses: