20/02/2018 11:21 SAST | Updated 20/02/2018 11:21 SAST

5 World Leaders Who Embody An Active Lifestyle

Including South Africa's very own, 'Runnerphosa' 🏃🏾

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An active lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle, and some like to lead by example.

Sports and national leaders have a long-lasting relationship – check out the five world leaders we think embody an active, healthy lifestyle.

1. Cyril 'Runnerphosa'

Our newly minted president "Runnerphosa" literally runs the country. He took to the streets of Cape Town in the early hours of Tuesday morning to promote a healthy lifestyle, encouraging people to join him for a 5km walk.

I want my tummy to fall, so I will continue to walk.Cyril Ramaphosa

"I want my tummy to fall so I will continue to walk," he quipped. Just last week, Ramaphosa was spotted in Cape Town in the early hours of the morning running along the promenade with former finance minister Trevor Manuel.

Cyril Ramaphosa

Ramaphosa clearly loves to run, and while he is on his quest to make South Africa a better and healthier country, one can only imagine what's running through his mind.

2. Vladimir 'Macho Man' Putin

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The original macho man of our generation – not an action star, but president of Russia Vladimir Putin. Whether you hate it or love him, there's no denying Putin's athletic outdoorsy enthusiasm.

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He swims, he dives, he hunts, he trains, he practises judo, plays badminton, fishes and even plays hockey – it's amazing he ever has time to meddle in other countries' elections or promote far-right ethnic nationalism as assiduously as he does.

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3. Justin 'Multitasker' Trudeau

Patrick Fallon / Reuters

Anybody who hasn't heard of the Canadian prime minister yet can be forgiven; he's had such a low media profile since taking office. Just kidding; the man's the poster boy of the global left and a heartthrob to millions, and he does love his sports. It doesn't seem to matter which sport it is...


He runs, he boxes, he canoes, he skates, he plays rugby and field hockey... And if you search for "Justin Trudeau" and "sports" in online images, you'll discover that he was also once a snowboard instructor in the 90s with the most "Modern Talking" hair imaginable...

4. Barack 'Baller' Obama

Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

Barack Obama is a baller. Though he has stated that he plays golf, his true love is basketball. The former president of the U.S. loved watching NBA games while in office, and welcomed the NBA championship winners to the White House on seven occasions during his eight-year tenure. He would also regularly shoot hoops with his cabinet, we're told.

Obama, who used to play guard during his youth, clearly still has the skills, handles, and a mean jump. If only the NBA did an all-star game featuring former presidents...

5. George W Bush

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Fun fact: George W Bush completed a marathon at the age of 43. It was also reported by Fox Sports that when he rode his bike vigorously at his Texas ranch, the Secret Service often had a tough time staying with him.

But ultimately, his biggest moment was when he threw a perfect strike in his ceremonial first pitch at Yankee Stadium in front of 55,820 fans, just a few weeks after the 9/11 attacks. He is also ranked sixth by Fox Sports in their list of the U.S.'s most athletic presidents.

USA Today Sports / Reuters

Honourable mention - Donald 'Do-Over' Trump

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Do not be deceived by his doughy body; Donald Trump is an athlete! He loves golf! He loves golf so much that three days after visiting kids who survived the latest deadly school shooting in Florida, he hit the golf course on Monday, grumpy that his overwhelming compassion had forced him to skip Saturday and Sunday!

And he loves the game way too much to tie it down with too many rules; anyone he's played with will tell you he's the king of the mulligan and the gimme. He takes great gimmes, you understand - the best! A lot of people are saying he takes a mulligan more graciously than Arnold Palmer ever did, but you'd never hear him repeat it.

According to the Trump Golf Count website, the U.S. president had played golf 94 times in the past 54 weeks, as of February 19, 2018.

A true lover of the game, determined to make golf great again.