20/02/2018 14:04 SAST | Updated 20/02/2018 16:12 SAST

Ramaphosa's Response: Dealing With The Land Questions

President Cyril Ramaphosa delivers his reply to the debate on his state of the nation address at 14:00.

President Cyril Ramaphosa will on Tuesday deliver his reply to the debate on his state of the nation address. The reply is part of the head of state's commitment to be accountable to the legislature.

During his state of the nation address on Friday the president made major announcements, as well as concentrating on a few broad themes. The main tenets of his speech were:

  • Ethical leadership
  • National unity
  • Urgent economic growth
  • Policy certainty
  • Changes at the National Prosecuting Authority and SARS
  • Presidential economic council and youth working group
  • Attention to mining and state-owned enterprises

The debate on Monday was dominated by the question of the expropriation of land without compensation, a policy decision by the ANC which has not yet been fleshed out beyond populist slogans and electioneering. We'll watch out for the following when Ramaphosa delivers his reply:

  • How will government approach land reform?
  • Will the Constitution be amended to accommodate new policy?
  • How will government be reconfigured and will some departments fall away?
  • How will non-racialism be interwoven into the speech?
  • More detail on economic recovery?
  • His position on state capture and corruption

Ramaphosa takes to the podium at 14:00.