20/02/2018 16:32 SAST | Updated 20/02/2018 16:32 SAST

The 5 Most Daunting Marriage Proposals 💍

Some proposals are more memorable than others.

Marriage is a beautiful covenant in which two people promise to live their lives alongside one another until death do them part. For some reason it only happens after one of the partners takes their soul in the hands and proposes, on bended knee, before their intended soulmate.

Some people take proposals to the next level, though. Here are five of the most daring proposals:

1. Varsity Cup Proposal

The stage was set at the 2018 Varsity Cup rugby competition when the University of Johannesburg was hosted by North-West University in what was an explosive rugby match.

What made the headlines, however, was not the game, but the young NWU student who chose that moment to ask his beloved to marry him – in front of a packed stadium.

In the end the young man bagged more than a try, as she said yes, but how his heart wasn't in his mouth is beyond us. Looks like rugby is a gentlemen's game.

2. Daredevil Proposal

After a guy takes his girlfriend to the top of the building he suddenly appears to slip and fall, surely plummeting to his death? Fortunately there is an epic twist and conclusion, though some people must wonder why a woman would want to spend her life with someone who wants to frighten her out of her mind. It's still pretty daring though, and will probably be remembered when he leaps out at her from behind the bedroom door every night for the rest of her life.

3. Wrestlemania Proposal

Orlando Sentinel via Getty Images

Wrestlemania is the biggest stage of them all in wrestling entertainment, and John Cena is one of its biggest stars. Having conquered pretty much every title in the sport, Cena stood in front of a packed stadium to propose to his girlfriend Nikki Bella. The event was predictably met with deafening roars from the crowd, and a "yes" from Bella – and all other woman now officially "can't see" John Cena.

4. Plane Proposal

Love is in the air, literally. This after a young man took his girlfriend on a jaunt in a light aircraft to enjoy the view. What the girl did not know, as she stepped onto the plane, was that she was in for a massive, romantic question in mid-air.

5. Olympics Proposal

As an athlete, nothing can top getting an Olympic medal following years of dedication and training. He Zi from China was rightly ecstatic as she bagged the silver following her phenomenal springboard diving performance. She had just finished being awarded her medal when longterm boyfriend Qin Ka stunned the Rio crowd by getting down on one knee and proposing. Now that's a memorable day.