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IN PICTURES: Match Your Home Decor To Your Personality


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Much like your wardrobe or taste in movies, your home is an extension of who you are. Style experts believe the following five personality traits can be matched to five distinct decor trends.


If you like living the simple life, keeping daily decisions to a minimum and pairing all your clothes with your favourite black pants, then a minimalist look is what you need to go for. Your dream kitchen benchtop finish is stainless steel.

You like everything to serve a purpose and to be in its right place. Simplicity is key in all aspects of your organised life, so clutter-free streamlined surfaces are your goal at home.

Neutral colour palettes are your preference, and you love the clean crisp lines of steel, glass and timber. If you do want to add a pop of colour to your modern interior, stick to one or two primary coloured accessories for simplicity's sake.

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Glamour queen or king

Your closest friends would describe you as beautiful and sassy, and you want your home to reflect exactly that.

You enjoy making a statement and wowing people when it comes to your design choices. An outdoor kitchen, indoor pool, sauna and jacuzzi are all on your luxury-home wish list.

Blingy chandeliers, filigree mirrors, plush textiles, bold colour palettes and deluxe finishes are so you.​​​

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Country heart

You are an old soul and for you, home is where the heart is – comfort and charm are king for you.

Country-inspired individuals prefer shades of blue, yellow, beige and green, all of which lend themselves well to creating a tranquil country feel.

They may like accessorising with classic candle holders, handmade quilts, china and crystal vases of fresh cut flowers.


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Industrialists are traditionalists and consensus builders, who defuse conflict and enjoy helping social situations flow smoothly. They prefer things to be simple, and like to see the machines behind the glossy exterior. For these people, an abstract iron sculpture is the artwork of choice in their living room.

Industrialists love materials in their most raw and textural form. Polished concrete floors and exposed brickwork, beams and ductwork are part of their dream home.

This can be achieved with oversized metal pendant lights, open shelving, slightly shabby or raw reclaimed timber furnishings, and stripped back metal fixtures.




People with this personality type are free spirits with an easygoing style and their own idea of what is beautiful. If you fit in this category, you want to buy a hammock with your next paycheque, and "c'est la vie" is a phrase you live by.

You're not one to shy away from vibrant colours and bold patterns. Creating a personalised and cosy atmosphere is your number-one priority when it comes to your home's interior.

This can be achieved by layering on different textures such as cowhide and sheepskin floor rugs, woolly pompom cushions, linen upholstery and natural textiles. Other ways to up the boho ante include colourful floor cushions, wall hangings or dreamcatchers, lots of greenery, quirky artwork and trinkets.

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