25/02/2018 17:22 SAST | Updated 25/02/2018 17:22 SAST

Some Of Our Favourite Dream Houses By SAOTA Architects

The South African architecture firm don't hold back when it comes to luxury and largesse.

Famous for designing the most expensive house ever sold in South Africa (for a whopping R290-million in 2016), Cape Town's SAOTA Architects are known for their luxurious touch, and ability to make even the gaudiest request seem architecturally necessary.

The firm, lead by Stefan Antoni, Philip Olmesdahl, Greg Truen, Phillippe Fouché and Mark Bullivant, has since become one of the world's most popular architectural firms – with built and drafted projects going on in all four corners of the globe, and all of them for figures that would make your eyes water.

The "OVD 919" House by SAOTA in Camps Bay, Cape Town, is the most expensive home ever sold in South Africa.

Their Pine Tree house in Miami, for instance, sold for $22.5-million (R290-million) in 2016, the highest price paid for a single family home in the Miami area at the time. Aside from all the epic features, it has an actual "Richie Rich" waterslide that flows from the roof straight into the pool.

The architects said in a statement that the house created, "a landscape of experience".


Check out some of their drool-worthy projects:

This one in Dakar is very over-the-top.

And this is one of the founding architect's personal homes:

Which is your favourite?