23/02/2018 17:53 SAST

12 Sweet Parenting Moments From The Olympics

From triumphant celebrations to powerful moments of consolation.

Loic Venance/AFP/Getty Images
France's Marie Martinod celebrates with her daughter after the women's ski halfpipe final.

The 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, have created a number of triumphant and devastating moments.

Many Olympians take this emotional journey with their most devoted fans, their parents and their children. In fact, some of the most heartwarming moments at the games have been between the elite athletes and their kids ― or their own parents. 

Regardless of whether they earned the coveted top spot on the podium, these Olympians shared some golden moments with their families.

  • 1David Wise, USA, Freestyle Skiing
    David Wise, USA, Freestyle Skiing
    Laurent Salino/Agence Zoom/Getty Images
    David Wise celebrates with his son Malachi, daughter Nayeli and wife Alexandra after taking first place during the freestyle skiing halfpipe men's finals on Feb. 22.
  • 2Alexander Kopacz, Canada, Bobsled
    Alexander Kopacz, Canada, Bobsled
    Steve Russell/Toronto Star/Getty Images
    Janet Kopacz hugs her son Alexander Kopacz after he and Justin Kripps tie for the gold medal with a German sled in the two-man bobsled on Feb. 19.
  • 3Hanna Öberg, Sweden, Biathlon
    Hanna Öberg, Sweden, Biathlon
    Hanna Öberg and her mother celebrate after she wins gold in the women's 15km individual biathlon event on Feb. 15.
  • 4James Wisniewski, USA, Ice Hockey
    James Wisniewski, USA, Ice Hockey
    Bruce Bennett/Getty Images
    James Wisniewski wishes his daughter, Jamie, a happy fifth birthday after defeating Slovakia in a men's ice hockey preliminary round game on Feb. 16.
  • 5Marie Martinod, France, Freestyle Skiing
    Marie Martinod, France, Freestyle Skiing
    LOIC VENANCE/AFP/Getty Images
    Marie Martinod and her daughter celebrate on the podium during the medal ceremony for the women's ski halfpipe final on Feb. 19.
  • 6Dom Parsons, Great Britain, Skeleton
    Dom Parsons, Great Britain, Skeleton
    Mike Egerton/PA Images/Getty Images
    Dom Parsons poses with his parents after getting a bronze medal in the men's skeleton.
  • 7Felix Loch, Germany, Luge
    Felix Loch, Germany, Luge
    Adam Pretty/Getty Images
    Felix Loch is consoled by his father, Norbert Loch, after finishing fifth overall in the luge men's singles on Feb. 11.
  • 8Ted Ligety, USA, Alpine Skiing

    A post shared by Ted Ligety (@ted_ligety) on

    Ted Ligety
    Ted Ligety spends time with his son, Jax, after a disappointing performance in the men’s giant slalom event on Feb. 18.
  • 9Lara Gut, Switzerland, Alpine Skiing
    Lara Gut, Switzerland, Alpine Skiing
    Leonhard Foeger/Reuters
    Alpine skier Lara Gut is comforted by her father, Pauli, after the women's super-G event.
  • 10Lowell Bailey, USA, Biathlon
    Lowell Bailey
    Biathlete Lowell Bailey tweets a drawing of the Olympic rings by his 20-month-old daughter Ophelia. 
  • 11Kacey Bellamy, USA, Ice Hockey
    Kacey Bellamy, USA, Ice Hockey
    Kim Kyung Hoon/Reuters
    Kacey Bellamy shows her mother, Maura, her women's ice hockey gold medal on Feb. 22.
  • 12Chloe Kim, USA, Snowboarding
    Chloe Kim, USA, Snowboarding
    Joe Scarnici/Getty Images/USOC
    Chloe Kim poses for a photo with her parents and other family members on Feb. 14, just days after winning gold in the snowboarding women's halfpipe.