23/02/2018 16:49 SAST

Meghan Markle Gave One Fan The Surprise Of A Lifetime In Scotland

The former actress spoke to a Filipino woman in Tagalog.

Samir Hussein via Getty Images
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry greet fans on their way to Edinburgh Castle on Feb. 13. Markle gave one Filipino woman a particularly memorable greeting during the visit.

Meghan Markle certainly knows how to make her fans feel special. 

During a trip to Edinburgh, Scotland, last week, the “Suits” actress greeted fans with her fiancé, Prince Harry, and gave one the surprise of a lifetime. 

As Markle was chatting with people lining the streets, she spoke with a woman who said she was visiting from the Philippines and it was her anniversary.

In a clip that’s now making the rounds on social media, Markle congratulates the woman on her anniversary and then says “Salamat po.” The phrase means “thank you” in Tagalog, a language spoken in the Philippines.

The royal fan, totally taken aback, says “Salamat” in response, then turns around to the camera after Markle moves along and says, “Oh my goodness, so sweet!”`

The actress has written about her love of Filipino culture on her now-defunct blog, The Tig. 

“Growing up in LA, with its melting pot of vast and varied cultures, I was no stranger to the Filipino community,” she said, according to MSN. “I can whip up a big pot of chicken adobo like it’s nobody’s business, and you’ll occasionally hear me toss out a ‘Salamat po’ conversationally.” 

Markle also shared her recipe for Filipino-style chicken adobo with the “Today” show back in 2012. Perhaps she and Prince Harry make it together now. After all, they did get engaged when they were roasting a chicken together. 

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