28/02/2018 14:31 SAST | Updated 28/02/2018 14:31 SAST

Vogue Celebrates South Africa's Queer Fashion Trailblazers

The world's most powerful fashion magazine zooms in on LGBT+ heroes.


Vogue magazine, one of the world's most powerful fashion publications, is celebrating some of South Africa's most prominent and fashionable queer creatives this month in an in-depth profile feature accompanied by a series of striking editorial images.

LGBT+ musical stars like Dope Saint Jude and FAKA figure prominently in the article – which is titled, "These Queer Artists And Activists Are Redefining South African Style" – along with fashionable trans activist Glow.

"The vibrant and defiant sense of self-expression that South Africa's queer community fosters is palpable," author Rachel Hahn says in the article, adding that the artists are "united by a desire to elevate themselves through dress".

The article calls trans activist Glow "a standout" in the country's queer aesthetic.

"Glow's style is undeniably elegant, whether she's pairing a baby pink gingham skirt and a forest green turtleneck or layering a sparkling butterfly shirt beneath a burgundy blazer. She's recently been gravitating towards skimpy skirts with fishnets, but she's also inclined towards deconstructing menswear staples like "baggy suits and sneakers, berets, and oversize knits with dresses," Hahm writes.

Dope Saint Jude, whose past as the founder of South Africa's first "drag king" troupe is mentioned in the article, speaks to the author about her own style.

"My clothing has evolved as I have evolved as a woman," she says. "I used to be uncomfortable in my femininity, but as I have grown more comfortable with gender being fluid, my style started reflecting that."