02/03/2018 06:15 SAST | Updated 02/03/2018 06:15 SAST

App Rewards Users For Not Using Their Phones

Don't you just love freebies?

A new app has launched in the U.K. that aims to tackle smartphone addiction by appealing to consumers' love of free stuff.

Hold, which is currently only available for students, rewards the user by giving them free food at the cinema, money off drinks, and even free coffee.

How does it work? Between the hours of 7am and 11pm, students can earn 10 points for every 20-minute stretch that they can go without looking at their phones.

In return, Hold has partnered with companies like Vue Entertainment, Caffe Nero and Amazon to provide a series of rewards that can be claimed using the points they've earned.

Hold App

For example, Vue is offering either a free box of regular popcorn or reduced-price cinema tickets.

Alternatively, students can opt to use their points to buy textbooks and stationery, which are then donated to schools through Unicef.

Naturally there's an element of competition to this too, with students able to add their friends and compete for who has the most points.

The app is available to students who study at more than 170 universities across the U.K. and is free to download.

First launched in Norway in 2016, the app received more than 50,000 downloads in only the first three months and is now being used by just under half the students in Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

Its arrival in the U.K. comes after a successful trial of the app with students at University College London.