01/03/2018 09:39 SAST | Updated 01/03/2018 09:39 SAST

Glen Lewis Calls Tbo Touch A Coward And Hypocrite As He Leaves Touch HD -- 'Shut Up Already'

But your faves can be so messy! 👀

Glen Lewis.
Glen Lewis.

Around this time of the year, the South African radio industry goes through changes -- old shows are canned, some survive and new ones are introduced. The same goes for presenters and DJs; while some are axed, others are hired and some reshuffled to other shows.

This period is seldom without drama.

On Wednesday, renowned radio DJ Glen Lewis announced on Twitter that he was leaving internet radio station Touch HD after a year as host of the breakfast show.

The station's owner, Tbo Touch, took to the social media app to thank Lewis for his contribution to the station and wish him well for the future.

But Lewis refused to accept the message. Instead, he fired shots at Touch.

Speaking to IOL, Touch said Lewis wanted to stick to the traditional [approach to] radio while digital was engagement driven instead.

"I feel he wants to do more traditional radio. I think what we both learnt from this experience is that one being a big star in traditional radio doesn't guarantee you will be a big star in content creation. You always have to engage your listeners.

"He [Lewis] understands well that content engagement is far different from mixing two great songs and having people appreciate your craft or your ability, he told the publication.

He said the station had conducted a survey and found that listeners were after more digital-savvy radio personalities.

He said: "We learnt that digital is not personality driven, it is engagement driven. People look into how many times you tweet, how many times you respond."

Lewis' show, "The Expensive Breakfast" has from March 1 been replaced by the Microwave Boys' "Breakfast Wave" which airs from 7am to 10am.

Also reacting to Lewis' tweet were veteran radio hosts Robert Marawa and DJ Fresh.