05/03/2018 09:18 SAST | Updated 05/03/2018 10:31 SAST

Guinness World Record: A 4-Kilometre Line Of Sandwiches🇿🇦

Intrepid South Africans have set a new Guinness World Record!


South Africa has a new Guinness World Record. A team representing Clover brand Cream O'Naise broke the record for the world's longest line of sandwiches on Saturday, March 3 – constructing a sarmie feast that measured a whopping 4,004.43 metres.

Yes, that's more than 4 kilometres of sandwiches; the length of 40 soccer fields.

Hundreds attended the record attempt at Maponya Mall in Soweto, to see the Cream O'Naise team challenge an official Guinness title held by the brand Nocilla of Spain, that set the mark at 3,865.78 metres in 2013.

The record stunt used 500 litres of mayonnaise, 8,100 baguettes measuring 50 centimetres each, 2,600kg of grated cheese and 800kg of lettuce.

Once the record was broken, most of the sandwiches were shared among children being cared for by Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital and charities CHOC and the Gift of the Givers.

"We did it! After months and months of planning, awesome weather and a fantastic team alongside us, we are absolutely thrilled to have secured our first ever GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title!" the team posted after securing the record.