05/03/2018 14:19 SAST | Updated 05/03/2018 14:19 SAST

Where Will All This Recalled Cold Meat Go?

Don't throw it away just yet.

UpPiJ via Getty Images

A massive recall of ready-to-eat meat is currently underway in the country, following the tracing of the deadly listeria outbreak to an Enterprise facility in Polokwane and a Rainbow Foods plant in Germiston.

If you hadn't heard yet, some major retailers are offering refunds for Enterprise ready-to-eat meat products bought from their stores. Whether you have opened the pack and eaten some of it or not, and whether you have a till slip or not, you can return it to them for a repayment.

But what will happen now to all this recalled cold meat?

The products collected from the companies will be incinerated – completely burnt in special containers.

Consumers have also been urged to not just throw cold meat away, as it might be eaten by other hungry people and potentially cause a health hazard.

The health department indicated that by the end of Monday, South Africans will know which cold meats to throw away and how to do this safely.

This is an ongoing story.