06/03/2018 11:36 SAST | Updated 06/03/2018 11:42 SAST

Light Phone 2 Could Be The Perfect Replacement For Your Smartphone

It'll still send messages, play music and even navigate you home.

Light Phone

Smartphones are a wonderful tool, but too often they can become conduits that end up addicting us to the worst elements of technology: the infinite scroll.

The Light Phone 2 however wants to offer a solution to our 'always on' mentality and social media addiction. Known as a 'dumb' phone, this gadget keeps things ultra-simple by offering just four key features: phone, messaging, music and navigation.

The display is a beautiful monochrome E-ink display similar to those you'll find on a Kindle and will have a touchscreen for sending messages.

Using a modified version of Google's Android operating system the team behind the Light Phone 2 realised that while their original was well-intentioned it was perhaps too simple.

To find a compromise the team came up with a list of the features that can genuinely improve your life, and then those which would be seen as harmful.

In much the same way as the original Light Ph, the team have turned to crowdfunding to help them both secure the funds and to get feedback on which features people want.

As such the confirmed features list is still very much in the air. What we do know is that it won't support any form of social media, news or advertising.

It will however, support messages using an interface that is as elegant as it is functional.

It'll be made from anodised aluminium and will come with three physical buttons: a lock button at the top and two side-buttons which then allow you scroll through the phone's minimalist menu.

In addition the phone will charge using the new USB Type-C format and will have a headphone jack on the bottom for handsfree calling.

While there is 4G, GPS and WiFi there won't be Bluetooth sadly so no connecting to your wireless headphones.

The team have already secured $681,000, far more than their original $250,000 goal, and are hoping to ship it in April next year for around $250.