07/03/2018 09:15 SAST | Updated 07/03/2018 09:17 SAST

Are 'Yim'Lo' Confessions A 'True Reflection Of Society'?

The show helps people come clean to their loved ones about their double lives and prostitution came under the spotlight.


The latest episode of Mzansi Magic's reality show "Yim'Lo" had many in their feels on Tuesday night.

On this show, TV personality Dineo Ranaka helps various people come clean to their loved ones about their double lives.

Tuesday's episode was about Thuli, who enlisted the help of the show to tell her parents that she'd been lying to them about going to work -- instead, for two years, she'd been doing sex work to make money to take care of her two children.

Following her confession, Thuli's parents felt her anger issues were problematic and that she needed to address that.

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Reacting to Thuli's story, some felt it was a true reflection of society and that she needed help and support and not judgement.

Others felt it was a confession too personal to share on national TV.

And then there were those who'd rather keep the conversation light.

According to the show's producers, counselling is offered to participants who need it.